Barbering Course

What to Expect

The intro to barber school will be a new venture for some, and a lot of times one may not know what to expect. Hopefully this will give you a bird’s eye view into this new journey for you and resolve any myths or misguided preconceptions you may have.

First on the list, one may think that coming to barber school you get a set of clippers and right away you begin cutting hair. Well in most cases this is not true. The first thing you will get coming into barber school will be a text book, student workbook, and exam review book.

There are a lot of basics to cover and understanding to gain before we turn you loose with the clippers. So at minimum it could be one to two months before you are cutting hair. We call this process building our foundation. As with everything, you know if you build a good foundation you will have a more solid and structured finished product.

During this time you will develop an understanding on the history of barbering, professional image, tools and implements, bacteriology, sterilization, sanitation, and disorders of the skin just to name a few.
In the course of barbering there is a lot of information to learn at a fast pace. In this course you will test every week, so it will require you to pay close attention in class with reading and study time outside of class.

In our particular program class participation is required, as well as a stringent set of rules and guidelines to be followed. We adhere to a strict dress code that is enforced, and all share responsibilities in keeping our environment clean, sanitation is a big part of what we do. We want to play our part in helping you become that professional you desire to become.

You will learn so much more than cutting hair, we help to develop and fine tune life skills, integrity, and accountability.

If you are the person that feels you already know how to cut hair, and you just need to pass the time so you can get your license, this may not be the program for you. We want individuals that are open to learning, and not just wanting to become a great barber, but a better all-around individual that will be successful in this business.

Now that you have taken a peek into what we are about and how our program is run, you can make a better decision as to whether this is the right program or career field for you.

In closing, barbering is a great profession, and the possibilities are unlimited. It’s all up to you; in this field you choose your own destiny. You can choose to be among the greatest or the least of the greatest in the industry.