Free Graphics Editors

Do you need to edit images for your course or are your students required to post graphics for assignments? If you do not have access to a nifty graphics editor like Photoshop, you will be interested to know that there are some free options available, which will provide you with many of the same features:

  • Photofiltre (free for educational or private use – Windows)
    This application includes many of the filters you find in PhotoShop and other software. The interface is intuitive and similar to other photo editing software so you’ll feel right at home for free.
  • LiveQuartz (MAC only)
    This one is for you MAC users. Created for Leopard, this free image editor uses layers and filters. View screencast of LiveQuartz.
  • Gimp Portable (Windows)
    Graphics application with many advanced features, a portable application that you can store on a flashdrive or other portable storage, interface is a bit complicated but the many features are worth it.
  • Photoscape (Windows)
    This graphics editor includes batch editing and a screen capture tool.