Free Your Files: Bb improves file management

Are you tired of embedding and attaching files in Blackboard, only to try and recall all of the locations where you need to replace these for future revision?

Let me introduce you to the Blackboard 9 Course Files system. This will look familiar to those who have used Moodle or WebCT in the past. For those who prefer the old method, this will still be available, but now you can upload your files into a file manager and link to them when needed. This allows you to replace files as they need updates, without breaking the links, as long as you do so properly ;-). Sometimes, you have files that might be linked to several areas in your course (e.g. rubrics). This new system enables you to update the file in the storage area rather than require you to re-embed an instance of the file in each location. This saves you time and effort.

Are you interested in learning how this works? Check out Blackboard’s On Demand Learning Center and a movie tutorial explaining this tool: View Course Files Tool tutorial. Learn how to upload and organize files and how to link content in your course.

There is one little viewing glitch with this movie; the full screen does not show when viewing at 100%from the link in the On Demand Learning Center, but if you open the link I provided above, you’ll see the tutorial in full-screen.  Happy filing.