Blackboard 9.1 : 30-day FAQs

We’ve been using Blackboard 9.1 for approximately one month now and DL wants to provide a little report of some recurring issues/questions:

Where can I find Blackboard Tutorials?

How do I resolve text display and html error messages?

These items are generally related to bad code carried over from the old Blackboard. The new Blackboard is stricter, which alerts people to some underlying problems. While pesky, these problems can generally be resolved. Refer to two documents on the Teaching with Blackboard 9 page:

How do I weight grades?

You can set up weighted grades in two ways, individual columns or by assigning categories (most common).

See the tutorial on our Teaching with Blackboard 9 page: Grade Center: Weighting Grades (movie cc) or refer to the NC Community Colleges help article: Grade Center > Columns-Calculated Grades > Calculating Grades: Explain how grade weighting works.

How do I view assignments or quizzes that have been submitted?

You will go to the Grade Center in the Control Panel. Select “Full Grade Center”, where you will see rows with students’ names and columns with items and graded activities. The NC Community Colleges help site has tutorials for viewing and grading submissions (Bb Support: Instructors > Grade Center ) .

How do I use a quiz/test from one course in another?

The easiest way to reuse tests and quizzes is when an entire course is copied. This will retain the course structure and any assessments.

Move all tests, surveys, and pools

You can use the Course Copy feature under Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel to copy all of your tests, surveys, and pools from one course to another (you cannot select to copy individual quizzes). This will push them all into the Test Manager. You can then deploy them in the course where needed. In the Course Copy feature, you will select just “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”. Do not select other content or you will have duplicates of these other items in your course. In summary:

  1. Use Course Copy to copy the item into the course.
  2. Deploy the test (or survey) in course.

Move just one or some tests, surveys, or pools

However, you might be in a situation where you just need to move just some quizzes or tests (you might not need or want all tests, surveys, and pools moved). This is a three step process:

  1. Export the test from the old course.
  2. Import the test to the new course.
  3. Deploy the test in the new course.

The NC Community College Online Support Center provides tutorials for exporting, importing, and deploying quizzes/tests (select Bb Support: Instructors > Tests, Surveys, Pools > Reuse/Find Questions).

Refer to the tutorial for doing the same with Pools if you are using test pools.

Why can’t I email students my announcements?

The new feature (notifications) is not working correctly so this has been disabled until the problem is resolved. In the meantime, the easiest way to do this is to copy the content of the announcement and use the Send Email feature in Blackboard. Select to send to all students.

How do I get rid of all the extra columns in my Grade Center?

Next to each column heading in the Grade Center, there is a set of chevron arrows. Click this to select “Delete Column”. Keep in mind that if the column is linked to an activity in the course, you cannot delete it.

What is the easiest way to see if all of my activities are in the Grade Center?

In the Grade Center, select Manage > Column Organization.
Scroll to your graded activities. This will show you the list of items in the grade center, their points, and other information. You can reorder the columns here by dragging and dropping the four-headed arrows on the left of each.

Why isn’t my button to an external link working?

Some of you include a menu button to an external website. If you set it to open in a new window, it is likely broken. This is a bug that has been reported to Blackboard. We are requesting that you open items in the same window until this is fixed.

Also, for links in course materials, sometimes the items open in a new window that minimizes to the student’s task bar and they think the item is not there. Selecting to open in the same window will resolve this problem.

How do I run Course Reports for attendance?

View the movie, Running a Report of User Activity. Use the first day of class as the start date and the day after the census date as the end date (to pick up all activity through the census date). You only need to print the page with the student names and dates, usually near the end of the report.

Note that this report does not include your course ID so make sure to include your name and the course ID on the document after printing.