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Are Your Courses Ready for Fall?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

 Note: The Department of Distance Learning is revamping its Website, so some of these links will change. You can always navigate through to locate content.

It’s that time again, time to make sure your courses are ready for the Fall semester. If you teach Internet or Hybrid courses, your course shell is automatically created in Blackboard. You will then either 1) copy content from an existing course into the shell or 2) copy template information into the shell or 3) start from scratch.  Information about copying content or uploading the template can be found on the DL Faculty Resource page.

You might end up with duplicate menu items. Items that link to tools will contain the same information and duplicates can be removed.

If you copied content from another semester, make sure to:

  • Remove old discussion posts.
  • Remove old announcements.

Check the following items before your course goes live:

  • Make sure all links and dates are correct.
  • Make sure the points stated in the syllabus, class schedule, etc. match what is in the Grade Center.
  • Check your Grade Center to make sure you are using the correct grading schema, that all graded items are in the Grade Center with appropriate point values and are properly categorized if using weighting. Please refer to the Grade Center Check document (pdf).
  • Correct display problems in the course. The Teaching with Blackboard 9 page has a number of resources listed, including Resolving Invalid HTML Errors and Bb Text Display Errors .

This also might be a good time to familiarize yourself with the CFCC Course Essentials, accepted standards for quality online courses. This document is a simple checklist; if you would like to learn how to implement these and other standards, instructions for self-enrolling in Best Practices for Online Teaching can be found in Module 4 : Using Blackboard for Instruction the Blackboard 101 course in which all online faculty are enrolled. 

Please check the DL Training page for upcoming workshops and have a great semester!

July and August Blackboard Training

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

If you will be teaching on Blackboard this Fall, please make sure to complete the Bb 101 course on the new Blackboard 9.1 server. All instructors are enrolled in this course, so it will appear on your list of courses after you login to Blackboard.

After completing Bb 101, you can attend a face-to-face workshop, which will introduce you to the Bb 9.1 course management system. You will also be enrolled in a Sandbox course as an instructor. You can use this area to practice using Blackboard tools.

To view a list of workshops being offered , select the “DL Training for Instructors” link on this blog.