Help Your Students Help Themselves

It’s a new semester with new students. There are few things you can do to help students succeed in their online courses:

  • Remind them about the Blackboard student tutorial. This course appears in every student’s list of courses and they can enter it at any time. This tutorial provides students with activities they can complete to familiarize themselves with Blackboard. There are a number of tutorials and guidelines they should follow when taking online courses.
  • Request that students read the Distance Learning Basics: Skills for being a successful online student (pdf), which is included in the Blackboard Student Tutorial (available to all students in Blackboard). Some instructors include the reading as one of the introduction activities to the course.
  • Provide a thorough introduction to the course, along with your expectations (see CFCC Course Essentials)
  • Let students know which file types you will accept for assignments (be aware that some students might not have MS Office, etc. so provide ways for them to save files in an acceptable format) and how to properly name files. See this Filenaming and File Types document (part of the student tutorial) for some information and suggestions.
  • Provide students with information about taking quizzes and tests in Blackboard. This document is included in the student tutorial.
  • Advise students about two important help sites: