The Weighting Game: Some clarification on grade weighting

Happy June from the Department of Distance Learning. As the first mini session is progressing, there have been some questions about weighting grades in Blackboard. Since most of you weight by category, there is a three step process:

  1. Set up categories (and remove duplicates).
    Manage > Categories
  2. Set up category weights in your weighted grade column.
    Weighted Column > Edit Column Information
  3. Assign a category to all items that will be graded.
    Manage > Column Organization

In addition to the steps above, here are a few items that frequently cause problems:

  • Items must be “included in Grade Center calculations” in the item settings.
  • An item must include “possible points” to affect the calculation.
  • When selecting “Yes” for Calculate as Running total, make sure to assign a Zero for items not attempted or students will not be penalized for not attempting the assignment (excused absence).

The following short video might be helpful in setting up Grade Weighting (start at 1:35 if you weight by category, rather than by individual items). Weighting Grades in Blackboard 9.1 (4:53)

June Bugs

Please see the following document for a list of known issues in Blackboard and solutions or work arounds:

View a List of Known Blackboard Problems with Solutions (pdf)