Mini-Session Switchover

As the first mini session ends and the second begins, some people are reporting these issues:

  • Grade Center weighting is not calculating properly.
    This is often due to either duplicate categories existing, the weighted column being incorrectly set up, or items not assigned to the proper category. Please review the Weight Grades by Category document for information on resolving these issues.
  • Assignments are not copying to the new course section.
    This is usually due to an unchecked box during the course copy. Make sure to include “Grade Center Columns and Settings” or graded items will not copy and the Grade Center will not include any graded items.

Remember, when you copy an existing section into another, although the old students will not copy to the new course, the discussion posts will carry over and will appear as posted by “anonymous”. Simply select all and delete these.

Please see the Course Readiness Checklist to help ensure that your online course is ready for the first day of class.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Liz Stover