End of Semester Hide and Seek

As we approach Thanksgiving, I’m sure many of you are thankful that the end of the semester is near. This is the time when instructors are ironing out Grade Center issues and preparing for the new semester.

  • Hiding Old Courses: Many of you have inquired about hiding old courses and announcements from your Blackboard page. There’s an easy way to do this. Please see our Bb FAQ page for the instructions.
  • Grade Weighting: If you find that your grades are not weighting properly, please check the Weighting Grades by Category document.
  • Preparing for the New Semester: For those of you who are working on your spring 2012 courses, please refer to the Course Readiness Checklist to ensure that your course is ready for the first day of the semester.


I’ve had a few inquiries about ExamView tests that result in a “fatal error” message when importing into Blackboard, even when using the most recent version of ExamView and saving for the correct version of Blackboard. If this happens, please export for older versions of Blackboard (6x/7) and try to import that file. If this fails, please contact your publishing representative.

Have a great Thanksgiving and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Liz Stover