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Scholarship Opportunity for Vocational/Technical Students

Friday, January 13th, 2012

The English Department’s North Campus Cultural Committee is once again sponsoring a Scholarship Contest specifically for Vocational/Technical students at CFCC. Last year, eleven students’ submitted essays, nine disciplines were represented, and three students were awarded scholarships for their outstanding work. While last year was a huge success, we hope this year even more students will participate in this excellent opportunity.

For this contest, students will be asked to describe a day in the life of an individual in the field they are pursuing. Students will be able to write from personal experience if they are currently working in the field, or students can shadow or interview someone in the field being studied.

It is our hope that students who participate in this contest will have the opportunity to learn more about their discipline while utilizing their writing skills. Our committee believes this opportunity will enable Vocational/Technical students to connect their professional and academic worlds.

I hope that you will share the attached flyer with the Department Chairs and faculty in the Vocational/Technical programs and ask them to encourage their students to participate in this excellent opportunity. If you, your faculty, or your students have any questions regarding the scholarship contest, please contact me via email at or at extension 7244.