New Learning Objects Available

In a recent North Carolina Learning Object Repository (NCLOR) resource poll, faculty members were asked what subject areas they would like to see more resources added to the repository. English and Anatomy were the two most requested subject area additions. In an effort to meet the needs of the faculty, two new resource series have been added to the NCLOR.

ReadWriteThink : This K-12 series includes 54 student interactive resources that focus on all aspects of literacy including literature, vocabulary, spelling, writing, and speech. All resources in this series have been reviewed and approved by the ReadWriteThink Advisory Board in partnership with the International Reading Association, the National Council of Teachers of English and the Verizon Foundation. This series is perfect for basic skills or beginning English and reading courses. This series is free and open to all NCLOR users and guests.

V-Scope Explorer Anatomy and Physiology: A new set of 53 anatomy and physiology slides have been added to the NCLOR V-Scope Explorer Resource Series. This new virtual microscope slide set is the latest addition to the outstanding resources available from Dr. Gary Duncan at Science Learning Resources. The anatomy and physiology slides include a variety of specimens such as epithelial, connective, muscle and bone tissues as well as human blood examples.  The anatomy and physiology slides join the multicellular plants, multicellular animals, and single cell organisms slide sets which are already available in the NCLOR. You can view an introduction video to the V-Scope Explorer here. The V-Scope Explorer Series is ONLY available to North Carolina Community College System FACULTY.

To access these resources you can:

  1. Log into the NCLOR  ( or through your institution’s learning management system (Click here for more info about using Blackboard or Moodle with NCLOR)
  2. Navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area.
  3. Click on the ReadWriteThink or V-Scope Explorer Resource Series.

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