Sustainability Survey Results


Responses % of Total
Recycling Bins Throughout Campus 94 26%
Energy and Water Use Reduction Strategies 53 15%
Promoting walking and riding bicycles to school 52 14%
Electric vehicle charging stations 26 7%
More healthy and local food options in the cafeterias and school   events 77 21%
Other 0 0%
Additional Comments:
Recycling bins should be visible
Sustainability on Campus
Beach Litter
More ashtrays-Awareness on littering cigarette butts
No smoking 2
Get rid of trash cans-replace with recycling bins
Water bottles rally/Pick up water bottles
More free food
Solar power
Parks and recreation. More green than industrial
Fix the auto-flush toilets
Fitness center for employees
Light and electric vehicle (skate, bike, scooter)
Rail systems 3
Volunteer sustainability projects
Student involvement in installing PV Arrays & windmills. Hands On   Installation experience