Your 2014-2015 Sustainability Committee Members

Purpose Statement

To promote and facilitate the development of sustainable practices and policies through the collaborative efforts of faculty, students and staff.

2014 – 2015
Last Name First Name Committee Title/Department Term Expires on June 30 or Ex Officio (X) Chair of Committee User Name
Brown Dale At-Large Staff 2015 bdbrown61
Coleman Alvin At-Large Faculty 2015 alcoleman177
Deininger Jacob At-Large Staff 2016 jddeininger616
Kanoy David Facilities 2015 dhkanoy647
McKinley Gena At-Large Faculty 2015 mgmckinley176
Perry Abby At-Large Faculty 2016 asperry551
Ramsey Cindy At-Large Staff 2016 chramsey835
Sosinski Stephanie At-Large Staff 2016 scsosinski048
Wojciechowski John At-Large Faculty 2015 X jrwojciechowski419
Johnson Danyelle SGA Representative 2015 djjohnson284
Chornsbay Ariel At-Large Student 2015 acchornsbay167
Pyatt Scott At-Large Student 2015 slpyatt847
Membership: 12

4 At-Large Faculty members; 4 At-Large Staff members; 1 Member from Facilities; 1 SGA Representative; 2 At-Large Students