Welcome New Members!

Welcome New Members: Ben Billingsley, John Lowe, Katherine Maidman, Kathleen Martinez, Laura Moore, and Jessica Stafford!

Purpose Statement

To promote and facilitate the development of sustainable practices and policies through the collaborative efforts of faculty, students and staff.

2016 – 2017
Last Name First Name Committee Title/Department Term Expires on June 30 or Ex Officio (X) Chair of Committee User Name
Baldwin Kevin At-Large Staff 2017 kebaldwin13
Billingsley Ben At-Large Faculty 2018 bcbillingsley41
Dahlin Karly At-Large Student 2018 kedahlin657
Deininger Jacob At-Large Staff 2018 jddeininger616
Kanoy David Facilities 2017 dhkanoy647
Lowe John SGA Representative 2018 jilowe322
Maidman Katherine At-Large Staff 2018 kjmaidman623
Martinez Kathleen At-Large Staff 2018 kmmartinez310
Moore Laura At-Large Faculty 2018 lcmoore880
Perry Abby At-Large Faculty 2018 asperry551
Stafford Jessica At-Large Student 2018 jbstafford851
Wojciechowski John At-Large Faculty 2017 X jrwojciechowski419
Membership:  12
Structure:  4 At-Large Faculty members;  4 At-Large Staff members; 1 Member from Facilities; 1 SGA Representative; 2 At-Large Students