Welcome New Members!

Welcome New Members: Jacob Aceret, Rebeckah Benitez, Rick Conn, Katie Evans, Bret Hering, Zachary Pluer, and Justin Stermer!

Purpose Statement

To promote and facilitate the development of sustainable practices and policies through the collaborative efforts of faculty, students and staff.

Member Term Ends Chair Email
Jacob Aceret 2018-06-30 jdaceret292@mail.cfcc.edu
Rebekah Benitez 2018-06-30 rjbenitez044@mail.cfcc.edu
Rick Conn 2019-06-30 reconn088@mail.cfcc.edu
Jacob Deininger 2018-06-30  X jddeininger616@mail.cfcc.edu
Katie Evans 2019-06-30 kmevans623@mail.cfcc.edu
Bret Hering 2019-06-30 bjhering25@mail.cfcc.edu
David Kanoy 2019-06-30 dhkanoy647@mail.cfcc.edu
Kathy Martinez 2018-06-30 kmmartinez310@mail.cfcc.edu
Laura Moore 2019-06-30 lcmoore880@mail.cfcc.edu
Abby Perry 2018-06-30 asperry551@mail.cfcc.edu
Zachary Pluer 2019-06-30 zjpluer924@mail.cfcc.edu
Justin Stermer 2018-06-30 jlstermer765@mail.cfcc.edu
John Wojciechowski jrwojciechowski419@mail.cfcc.edu