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Important Memo Fall 2015: E-Withdrawals are here!

Monday, August 24th, 2015



Effective immediately, CFCC is beginning our new e-withdrawal system. Students requesting to withdraw from a course(s) can do so clicking on the icon above as found on your my.cfcc main page under “Single-click access”. This process can only be used for withdrawals but not drops for refunds. While we want everyone to be successful in their courses, we understand life events happen and we want to make the withdrawal process as painless as possible.

Once the student selects the course(s) they want to withdraw, a confirmation of the withdrawal request is emailed to the student and the instructor(s). When the last date of attendance is submitted, it is sent to the Registrar’s Office for processing in Colleague. Once we have processed it, the student is notified the withdrawal is complete.

Athletes are not eligible to use this system. Please refer them to the Athletic Department if you want to withdraw from a class.

CFCC’s new withdrawal policy for 2015-16:

Curriculum Courses

Students who officially withdraw from a course(s) within the first 60 percent of class hours will receive a grade of “W.” Students who have not withdrawn from class by the 60 percent point will receive whatever grade they have earned as computed by the instructor at the end of the semester. Students who stop attending a class without officially withdrawing will receive a grade of “F,” which is computed as a failing grade.

Students who wish to withdraw after 60 percent of class hours must obtain permission in writing from their instructor and Department Chair. Permission will be granted for extenuating circumstances only. Documentation is required. No withdraw­als may be requested during the last week of the semester.

Financial Aid Payment for Enrollment in Second Mini Session

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Beginning with the fall 2011 semester, students enrolled in the second mini session will not receive the financial aid associated with those credits until approximately three weeks after the start date of the second mini session.

Example:  A student is eligible for a Federal Pell Grant of $2,775 for full time enrollment during the fall 2011 semester.  The student is enrolled in six credits offered during the full and/or first mini session, both of which begin on August 15; and six credits in the second mini session, which begins on October 12.

Aid for the six credits associated with full semester or first mini session classes beginning on August 15 ($1,388) will be processed.  The student will receive a check for that amount of aid, less tuition, fees, and bookstore purchases charged against pending financial aid.  Excess financial aid checks will be mailed on September 19.

Aid for the six credits associated with the second mini session classes beginning on October 12 ($1,387) will be processed after the start date of the second mini session and reduced by any amount still owed CFCC.  A check for the remaining funds will be mailed to the student approximately 3 weeks later.