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The Foundation Supports Students

Our CFCC students come to Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) determined to succeed. Many of you are older, have already been in the workforce and want to brighten your futures. Some of you may be single parents wanting to build strong and healthy families. And some of you may come straight out of high school. What you all share is your commitment to be all you can be, and the Foundation recognizes that you are worthy of our support.

It is the pleasure of the CFCC Foundation to award scholarships to deserving students every year. This year alone we are giving out over $800,000 to support our students! Some scholarships are based on financial need, academic merit, and/or earmarked for specific programs, but are all based on donor preference.

CFCC Scholarships

The CFCC Foundation offers a bi-annual application cycle for scholarships:



See our CFCC SCHOLARSHIP GUIDELINES for more information, FAQ’s, timeline, thank you templates and more.

Once a student has applied, we will match that student to the donor’s criteria for their funds and populate as many scholarships as possible. Do not be alarmed if your application does not automatically match with many scholarships. Once per week our software syncs with your school record and pulls your GPA and additional information, so you should see many more matches after the weekly import.

After the application cycle has closed, established review committees will review the applicants anonymously (they will not know the student’s name) and will rate the students based on their application information, academic standing, and determine how strongly they match the donor criteria. Scholarship recipients will be notified of their award(s) by end of June (spring application cycle) and end of December (fall application cycle).

Click HERE for a step-by-step instruction sheet.

External Scholarships

Feel free to check out our list of additional external scholarship opportunities you might qualify for HERE. We do not endorse these scholarships, nor are we involved at all in the selection process. We simply post opportunities as we find them for you to review.

Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador?

Each spring semester, CFCC selects a team of student ambassadors to represent the College and the Foundation at a variety of events such as student registration and orientation, donor recognition events, and graduation ceremonies. Candidates for the CFCC Student Ambassador team must complete an application package and submit three letters of recommendation from faculty and staff of the College and other mentors from external sources. A committee appointed by the Executive Director of the CFCC Foundation interviews ambassador candidates and selects students to serve in the following year. Extensive training for new ambassadors is held during the summer. Ambassadors receive scholarship funds which may be applied toward their tuition. 

Learn more about the CFCC Foundation’s Student Ambassador program

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