Mission Statement

The mission of the Humanities Department at Cape Fear Community College is to promote interdisciplinary learning, cross-cultural awareness, and historical knowledge of the human adventure. The Department is a collaborative learning environment composed of faculty specialists in communication, film, French, German, philosophy, religion, and Spanish. The faculty help students develop their skills in critical thinking, communication, cultural, and philosophical analysis. This increase in knowledge and skills will help lead students to a greater understanding of the local and global communities around them, will create a capacity for entertaining diverse viewpoints, and will help foster life-long learning skills.

The Humanities Department offers courses in Communication, French, German, Humanities (including film studies), Philosophy, Religion, and Spanish.  Many of these courses can be used to fulfill requirements for the various degrees offered by CFCC.  One primary goal of the department is to prepare students with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully transfer to a four-year college or university.  See the CFCC catalog for more details.




Lucinda McNamara
Interim Department Chair
E-mail: lmcnamara@cfcc.edu
Office: WA3008
Phone: 362-7440




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Lucinda McNamara
Interim Department Chair