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Routing and Acceptance of Award

Routing Policy

All external funding requests by faculty, staff, and students should be routed through the CFCC Foundation Office.    This procedure applies to all new, revised, renewal, and supplementary grant applications, contract and sub-award proposals, and non-monetary agreements, including partnerships with other institutions and agencies.  This procedure also applies to budget revisions, personnel changes, changes in scope of project, changes in financial issues and commitment of resources. Whether or not the document requires institutional signatures, this procedural requirement has to be followed.

The signature accepting the award will be that of the President of CFCC.  The PI must contact OSP when the award notice is sent to PI.  Most award documents require negotiation and all issues relating to the award have to be resolved before the project begins.  Negotiations regarding fiscal and administrative issues are the responsibility of OSP.  CFCC policy and federal rules and regulations must be complied with the terms and conditions of the award.

Once the award is accepted (both the college and agency have signed the award), the award notification with changes if any (after negotiations), and once the VP for Finance has been notified, the project will be assigned to the PI.  The PI can start implementation of the project and the costs relating to the project can be charged to the fund established for this purpose by the Controller of Finance at CFCC.  The PI has to keep OSP informed of all aspects of the project.

Award Administration

A copy of the notice authorizing the start of the project along with a copy of the award document, highlighting terms and conditions will be sent to the PI.  The PI is responsible for all technical reports that are due in a timely manner.  The Business Office and OSP will assist you in preparing fiscal and administrative reports.   What a PI should be aware of:

  • Dates & deadlines for reports
  • Any restrictions placed on expenditure of funds (agencies may require that they approve in advance some expenditure items)
  • OSP will be responsible for obtaining prior approval from agency if needed
  • Please contact OSP if you need a no-cost extension for your project

It is the responsibility of the PI to monitor day-to-day fiscal performance of the project and all aspects of the project.  You have to make sure that salaries and other costs are being charged accurately.  The main problem area in assigning costs is in salaries and fringe benefits.  You must use personnel forms prepared by CFCC for part-time employees.  The OSP will provide a grant fund report on your project each month to help you keep in track.  Please notify OSP if you have any problems relating to the project.

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