Contingency Plans

What is a Contingency Plan?

Technology helps alleviates many everyday problems and helps us achieve things we might never have been able to do without it, but each technology that we become dependent on adds another point where something can go wrong.  Online learning lets us reach out to students we might not otherwise have ever encountered and respond in new and nuanced way to student struggles, but it is also creates new vulnerabilities and frustrations.  As instructors, we need to prepare ourselves and our students for dealing with failures of technology.  A contingency plan helps simplify this process by making this information available in a centralized and compact manner.

What should be in a contingency plan?

A good contingency plan will lay out

  1. The types of problems that may occur
  2. The responsibility of the student when these problems occur
  3. Alternative ways to submit each type of assignment

Sample Contingency Plan

Technology challenges can occur at the most inconvenient times–internet outages, power loss, or even the Blackboard server being down. Be prepared to deal with these potential challenges!

Turning in assigned activities after the due date/time because you could not log into Blackboard or you could not access an assignment is not acceptable and will be subject to the Late Assignment Policy. If an activity is due Friday by midnight, do not wait until Friday evening to start it.

If technology does get in the way, submit your assignment in the ways detailed below:

For Online Discussions: submit your post via email to your instructor before the deadline.
For weekly Chapter Reviews: submit a paragraph summary of the chapter before the deadline.
For other assignments: email the assignment to your instructor before the deadline.

You should resubmit through Blackboard as soon as you are able.