How to course copy with the UND

April 24th, 2018 by Brantley McKeithan

The first time you course copy your content into the UND, you may see extra buttons.  You will either have to do cleanup before the copy or after.

If you have any buttons in your original course, that are named differently than the UND, you will have both buttons.  For example if you have a button named Assignments, and the UND has a button named Coursework, then you will have both buttons after the course copy.  However, if you rename your Assignments button to Coursework and then copy, the two buttons will merge together.

Any extra buttons that you have in the old course, that are different names than the buttons in the UND, will be at the bottom of your navigation after a course copy.  You will need to remove/rename those buttons to match the UND, and move course content from those buttons into the proper UND button.

You will also be responsible for general cleanup of the UND after your course copy.  As stated in the workshops, throughout the course are ‘tips and tricks’ that are labeled “Please delete”.  You will need to delete or hide these statements before the course goes live.

If you need a refresher, here is how to course copy:

Course Copy