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What are Internet, Hybrid, and Web-enhanced courses?

Online Learning uses the following guidelines to understand the distinctions between Internet, Hybrid, and Web-enhanced courses.  All of these have this in common: they have an online component that contributes to the students’ learning.  What distinguishes them from one another is the degree to which instruction is delivered in an online format.

  • In Internet (I) courses, all instruction takes place online.  These courses may still have face-to-face, proctored assessments, but the instructional aspects of the course occur entirely in an online environment.
  • In Hybrid (Y) courses, instruction is split between online and face-to-face aspects.  For a course to be hybrid, at least 50% of instruction must take place online, with the remaining instruction taking place in a face-to-face classroom.  Hybrid courses can run the range from 50% online to 99% online; however, the standard model at CFCC is an even split with hybrid courses meeting face-to-face once a week and the remaining instructional time being made up online.  Any variation from this model should be made in consultation with your department chair or lead instructor and the department of Online Learning.
  • All traditional, face-to-face courses at CFCC have the potential to be Web-enhanced courses.  A web-enhanced course is one where instruction takes place face-to-face, but this instruction is supported by outside-of-classroom material, activities, or both housed in an online space, like the provided Blackboard shell that every course has.  What makes a Web-enhanced course different from a Hybrid one is that in a Web-enhanced course none of the in-class instruction time is replaced with online activities.  Instead, course materials and supporting activities take place in an online environment.

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