[Resolved] Known Discussion Board Issue and Fix

February 4th, 2014 by Brantley McKeithan

Hi Faculty,

Online Learning would like to inform you of a problem in Blackboard’s discussion board tool, as well as provide you with the current fix.

If a you or a student copies and pastes text from a Microsoft Word document or a Google Drive document into a Discussion Board post, it also copies a large amount of unnecessary code into the html (which you will not see in the text editor).  In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, this can cause the browser to freeze up when the discussion board is being viewed.

We are waiting on a Blackboard fix for this problem; however, in the meantime the current available fix is to use Mozilla Firefox.  Both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome currently freeze up when running into the code from Microsoft Word, but Firefox does not.

You can download or install Firefox on your computer at this link or contact the IT HelpDesk for assistance with installing it on your computer:

HelpDesk Contact Information:
Ask IT (chat support session)
HelpDesk tickets
Phone: 362-7188

We also recommend that students do not copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word into the discussion board.  Instead, they should write their work in Notepad or another plain text editor or copy it from Microsoft Word to a plain text editor and then copy from there into the discussion board.  This will stop the code from being copied and keep the discussion board from freezing in any browser.

Thank you and take care,
Brandon Davis-Shannon
Online Learning Coordinator
(910) 362-7038


9-24-14: Resolved with April 2014 Release