Online Course Standards

Online Course Standards

To help instructors transition from face-to-face teaching to the online environment, Online Learning, with feedback and assistance from the Faculty Association, has developed a set of standards that lay out the necessary information and structure to include in your Internet or Hybrid class.

The Online Course Standards are available in two forms:

Please Note: These Standards were formally adopted by the college on Feb 11, 2015.  Implementation of the Standards will begin in the 2015-2016 Academic year.

Standards Template and Sample Course

Online Learning provides a template that you can load into a NEW course to provide the basic structure of a course that meets the Online Course Standards. This template is for a complete rebuild of a course and should only be used in an empty shell or under the guidance of Online Learning.

Download the template here (click the arrow pointing down arrow at the top to download and click Save File) and follow these directions to load it into your course.

To see an example of a course built around this template that exceeds the Online Course Standards, log into Blackboard and, under “My Courses,” click the course named “Online Course Standards Sample.”  This course is only accessible if you are an instructor at CFCC.

Standards Self-Check

Online Learning offers a self-check form that you can use to check your own course(s) against the standards. You can access it by clicking the button below. At the conclusion of the self-check you will have the option to request feedback and comments from Online Learning.

Online Course Standards Self-Check