Hanover Parking Deck

CFCC students can enter/exit the deck by swiping their CFCC ID card.  As with all CFCC parking areas, a parking decal must be clearly displayed at all times.

The Hanover Deck has a total of 1,160 parking spaces, including 22 for ADA parking.  There are two entrance/exit areas.  Access from 2nd Street is on the First Level and the Hanover Street entrance is on the Second Level.  It is equipped with state-of-the-art software, which displays actual deck counts on LED signage in front of the Deck entrances.  The number you will see displayed beside “Permit Holders” is the number of spaces remaining available in the deck for CFCC parking.

The Deck will be open to students during the normal school week on a first-come, first-serve basis.  On weekends, the deck will also be open to the paying public.  Public parking rates remain the same as with Nutt Street ~ first fifteen minutes free, $1/hour thereafter, $8 maximum daily rate payable by credit or debit card only.  No cash or checks will be accepted.

Below are general guidelines for accessing the Deck:


  • Possess a current CFCC ID.
  • Display a current and valid CFCC Parking Decal.
  • Be a current CFCC Student or pre-registered for an upcoming semester.