Nutt Street Parking Deck

Full-time college employees are assigned to the Nutt Street Parking Deck and can access the deck by swiping their CFCC ID card. Drivers will have to “swipe-in” to enter and “swipe-out” to exit.

The Nutt Street Deck has a total of 379 parking spaces, including 8 for handicapped parking. After 5:30 pm on weekdays, the deck is open to Part-time employees and students.  On weekends, the deck is open to all employees, students and paying public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to swipe my CFCC ID to exit the parking deck?
Because this is how passback prevention security works. If you’re still swiped in, no one else can swipe in again with your card until you’ve swiped out.

Why do I need a CFCC parking decal?
Because you’re still required to provide proof that your vehicle has parking privileges. A CFCC parking decal is required to park in all CFCC parking lots/decks.

Can I park overnight in the deck?

Can I park in the deck on the weekends free of charge?
Yes. You will just need your ID and parking decal.

Can the public use the deck?
Yes, on weekends, when the college is not in session and on holidays

What’s the public parking fee?
The first 15 minutes are free and $1 per hour after that. The max fee for a day is $8.

Additional Reminders

  • Please watch your speed in the deck and be cautious when approaching corners.
  • The first floor spaces to the right are for oversized vehicles and disabled parking only.
  • For your own convenience, as well as being courteous to others, please have your ID ready to swipe when approaching the gates.
  • For your safety, please don’t stop in the traffic lane at the ends of the deck to look for things in your car, as people coming around the corners may not notice your vehicle and cause a collision.
  • Convenient Front Street level sidewalk access is from 2nd floor.