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Laurel Pettys: Teaching Philosophy


When my real estate students say,  “Well, it is easy after the way you explain it…I get it now”, I know I have succeeded as an educator.

My teaching philosophy is a direct result of my CFCC experience and life experiences as a real estate agent, an architect, and an athlete.  Metaphorically I consider myself a “coach” of high-quality education, teaching a diverse group of students with varying backgrounds and academic abilities.  My typical class is composed of recent high school graduates alongside seasoned lifelong learners. Therefore, it is critical that I really do in fact “meet them where ever they happen to be and take them where they hope to go.”  I find that students are more likely to reach their potential if they realize you are truly passionate about your craft and care about them and their success.  As a result, my philosophy is predicated on reaching out and never giving up.

As an educator, I believe it is important to set high standards and challenge both yourself and your students to do their personal best.  It is my responsibility to impart knowledge through a variety of techniques, all of which must be presented clearly and easily understood by students. I also make certain to project a sincere, energetic attitude and provide an enthusiastic atmosphere for them to thrive.  My architectural background provides a creative problem solving approach to learning that motivates my students to think critically and independently.  My athletic background provides an expectation for hard work, continual improvement and a pursuit of excellence.   And finally, my real estate background enables me to transform textbook information and bring it to life through real world applications. My students know that I am committed to them and dedicated to explaining even the most complex material in ways that are relevant and important to them.  In conclusion, my teaching philosophy has been impacted by our CFCC mission and my own unique life experiences.  As a result, I am happy to say…I love what I do.  

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