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SGA General Assembly Meeting


August 27, 2012


Call to order:

Jamir Jumoke called the meeting to order at 4:05pm


Chris Libert (Co-adviser); Emily Petit (Co-adviser); Jamir Jumoke (President); Gary Jones (Vice-President); Courtney Hull (Secretary); Rebecca Stutts (Treasurer); Sam Killman (Vice President, Green Building Club); Tyler Bearden (Treasurer, Green Building Club); Juan Cuevara (President, Math Club); Christopher Kennedy (President, Phi Theta Kappa); Trevor Todd (CFCC Student Ambassadors); Sean Simmons (PIO 3MI); Leslie Hawkins (CFCC Assn. of Nursing Students); Jeffery Barrett (Pineapple Guild);and Jennifer Bryant, Davey Hatcher, Vincent Squitieri, Yoel Del Rio, Amber Graham, Marvin Portillo (all Student Senate applicants).

Leadership Luncheon:

Luncheon has been set for September27, 2012 11-1. Location TBA. Possible locales include L 107 or the HRM lab in the W building. Jamir is working with Robby McGee on this piece. Food will be provided by the culinary program if luncheon remains on campus. Jamir and Robby are also working to secure a speaker for the event. Courtney has contacted Dana McKoy regarding her offer to speak as well.  Invites will be distributed ASAP to the advisers of all clubs and orgs. Encouraging them to select (2) representatives to join the event. All SGA officers and senators will be invited and hopefully, all in attendance.



Stop Hunger Now:

Campaign was presented to the attendees. We hope to address this again at our next GA meeting and hopefully, solidify some volunteers. Courtney has contacted Kay Warren to let her know where we stand to date on this project. I have also asked her to provide any dates or meeting locations that she may have as that may help us secure some volunteers.

Fall Festival:

Taking place 11-2, September 12, 2012, Downtown and 11-2, September 13, 2012, North Campus. All interested clubs and organizations must see Chris Libert no later than September 10th to reserve their spot.

Student Senate Applications:

We have quite a few!!! Emily will review each applicant for academic eligibility and then the folder will be returned to SGA so that we may vote on our candidates at our next Officer’s Meeting, September 10, 2012. Courtney will pick up the folder from Emily Petit after she has reviewed all the applications.

Old Business:

Drop/Add Policy-set aside until further notice. More information is required.

Faculty Advisor to SGA- SGA PIO (aka Courtney Hull) will communicate with the Faculty Assn. Also, PIO will attend Faculty Assn. meeting whenever possible to help bridge the gap in communication between the two groups.

ATM Machine North Campus- It has been decided that an ATM machine is needed on the North Campus. Rebecca Stutts is going to head up this project while working with Chris Libert, Emily Petit, and the Business Office.

Club Business:

Green Building Club—-Sam Killman

Sustainability projects

Tree planting event *project is waiting final approval*

Energy audits on campus-lights being left on in classrooms and bathrooms, etc.

VOLT event at Hugh Mcrae park

Monthly Beach Clean up

Green Apple Day of Service-September 29, 2012—Going Green for a Day


Next Meeting:

General Assembly: September 24, 2012 L 107


Meeting adjourned by Jamir Jumoke at 5:00pm

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