A New Year, a New Chance to Learn and Serve

ServiceLearning VennAre you in a
Service-Learning Course?

If your instructor offers community volunteerism as a part of the class, then you are in a service-learning course. This means you have the opportunity to volunteer within our community for experiential learning credit. Consider yourself lucky! The perks to choosing this option are:

  • Service-Learning Center support throughout the semester.
  • Experience-based credit that helps you apply the course content.
  • A chance to reflect on your experience, which helps to solidify your personal goals, how service-learning has affected you, and how you have made an impact through your experience.
  • Recognition by CFCC for time spent in the community.
  • Personal reward.

Please contact servicelearning@cfcc.edu if you need assistance finding a community partner, adding a community partner, or updating an existing listing.

Community Engagement Awards

The Community Engagement Awards will be integrated into the Student Recognition Awards at CFCC in 2019 Spring

If you have contributed your time outside of the classroom toward credit in the class (not work-based learning hours), you are eligible for service-learning recognition on your CFCC transcript. The minimum per semester is 30 hours. Your hours must be documented and they must be with an approved nonprofit organization under a sponsor at CFCC (usually a faculty member). For more information, write to servicelearning@cfcc.edu.

Contact Information

Kate Santhuff

Educational Partnerships Liaison - Service-Learning Coordinator

North: NB-151
Office: 910.362.7594

Service-Learning Center
Downtown: S-402
Open Mondays and Wednesdays
9-4 except faculty holidays